Six Rules for ASC 606 Readiness

The largest accounting shift since Sarbanes-Oxley is right around the corner. The new ASC 606 revenue recognition standard goes into effect at the start of 2018 for public companies and the start of 2019 for private companies. How ready are you?

In this eBook, we’ll identify six critical capabilities accounting software must now be equipped to handle and why there is significant risk in delaying implementation.

You'll also learn:

  • What these new standards mandate and exactly how the new rules affect your financials
  • How to evaluate your current accounting software, processes, and policies to determine whether they fit these new requirements
  • Why your business people and processes will get overwhelmed with spreadsheets and long audits if your technology isn’t ready for ASC 606

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The new ASC 606 rule has far-reaching consequences, particularly for companies that have revenue tied to contracts, and it will likely require significant upgrades or updates to your accounting technology.

Download this free eBook, "Six Rules for ASC 606 Readiness” and let us help you transition and plan for these extensive changes. Your path to compliance STARTS HERE.

Mark Turin

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