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Building Subscription Financial Models: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Managing the financials of a subscription offering is a complex undertaking.

A subscription business financial model represents your organization's present and future—which is vastly different than a traditional financial reporting process concerned with the past—and is therefore an essential component for planning, building, and managing a subscription business. Whether you're about to launch, or already operating, a subscription business, this webinar provides a step-by-step guide for building the right financial model.

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Learn why thousands of nonprofit organizations are moving to the cloud.

If you are like many nonprofit organizations—you have limited IT resources, extensive manual processes for accounting tasks, and a myriad of reporting and compliance requirements with various key stakeholders. You need a financial management and accounting system that is proven to overcome these challenges. Download your free copy today!

You'll learn steps to help you:

Prepare a top-down and bottoms-up revenue forecast

Build expense models appropriate for your revenue forecast

Forecast profit and cash requirements

Update the model using subscription metrics and benchmarks