White Paper: The 5 KPIs that Matter for Professional Services

Read this white paper to learn the five essential questions CFOs should be asking their controllers. The discussion will enable you and your controller to jointly to establish best practices around:

  • Internal controls

  • Risk minimization

  • Operational efficiency

  • Visibility and reporting

  • Financial leadership

The professional services market is back—and more competitive than ever.

How will you outperform your competitors? By monitoring the financial metrics that matter. Through years of thorough research, Service Performance Insight (SPI) has analyzed and identified the profit-centric measures that are highly correlated with financial success in professional services.

Download the white paper, The 5 KPIs that Matter for Professional Services, to gain their insights and metrics.

You'll learn:

  • The importance and primary characteristics of financial maturity

  • The 5 financial metrics critical to service organizations

  • Where successful service organizations fall in these metrics

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White Paper:
The 5 Questions to Ask Your Controller

In the ever-changing role of the CFO, one thing will never change—the need to lead and manage an effective finance team. Successful CFOs collaborate closely with their controllers in defining strategies that impact key areas including operational efficiency, enterprise-wide data visibility, leadership acumen, and internal controls.

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